Stay Soft, it looks beautiful on you

 We desire to slow the pace of women's lives.

Our founders Stine Skjoldborg and Rikke Rasmussen, want to inspire a less complicated and healthier life.

"We read in an article that 72% of all women change clothes when they come home from work. It spoke to us in two ways; we would like to sell clothes to our customers that actually match their lifestyle, and women dress too stiff and uncomfortable to do what they want throughout the entire day."

With a Nordic approach spiced with a bit of Eastern spirituality, the moshi moshi mind universe offers to simplify the way women dress - and to combine leisure and workwear in a comfortable way.

In moshi moshi mind, you are greeted with gentle tones, aroma scents, mantras, and a lifestyle that signals calm, softness, and comfort. It is a universe that focuses on the whole woman - free from status symbols and fashion trends. Made to inspire women to feel comfortable, dress casually, and remind themselves to take a deep breath and take care of themselves.

We want to bring the soft sport look into everyday life, and the uncomplicated and natural into all women's wardrobe.

moshi moshi mind is a lifestyle: a scent, a statement, and a dotted bag that have become signature statements for the women who dares to break with the fast pace of fashion. A woman who dares to take responsibility for herself and is conscious about her choices.

moshi moshi mind is constantly developing, on its way to where life makes sense, where we can move away from stress and expectations, where we become able to live and enjoy with style and energy.

come join us @moshimoshimind