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Meet the new Paris stripes

Meet the new Paris stripes

Stripes are always a part of our collection - the beauty of the classic lines, never cease to fascinate, and this year, we introduce the Paris Stripes. A new print, wherein a dark blue is accompanied with a red on a clear white background. The long elegant kaftan, is one of this summers favourites. It can be worn as an elegant evening dress or as chick beach wear. The skirt, however you wear it, rests beautifully on the hips, or can be worn, for a tighter fit, on the waist, while the beautiful Shadow Quilt Jacket keeps you warm on a chilling night. It’s soft and the stripes play in an uncomplicated way, exactly how we like it.


Meet the new Paris stripes


Wear our beautiful Paris Stripes with the seasons flowrprint.

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be kind to yourself

  • January 9, - 2019
  • mellow

Winter is in full swing and when darkness descends, to just keep going seems to take
more effort. Perhaps a whole day spent in pyjamas would make all the difference f
or you (as for us!) but all you really need is to embrace the moment, soft clothing,
a nice cup of tea and time.


Remember to moisturise and nourish your skin during the cold season;
try our body scrub, which leaves your skin thoroughly hydrated and soft. 
Make skin-care something special with our fabulous fragrance oil, then get warm and comfortable
in your pyjamas and enjoy some deep breathing.

• • •

At the moment, many of us are thinking about how we can devote more energy and resources to things that really matter and how to make smarter choices. We invest our time, care and energy in things that genuinely matter to us, activities that makes us happier and items that last longer.  That is precisely why we love to use Cashmere for our designs – it is nature’s softest fibre and the most exclusive, there is simply nothing quite like Cashmere for warmth and comfort. 


See our new cashmere styles here and wear them all day long.


moshi moshi mind

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Sleep is the best meditation

  • October 23, - 2018
  • mind

Sleep is like an “offline” boost for our body and brain and essential for our well-being as it strengthens our immune system.

In life, we need both light and darkness, but while sleeping even the slightest light

can affect our sleep in a negative way. 

While we are sleeping, the body's tissues are rebuilt, the immune system strengthened,

the brain is cleansed, stress hormones disappear, our appetite is regulated and the brain

releases melatonin. 

With all this in mind, it is easy to understand that deep, un-disturbed sleep is an essential

part of our lives.

Our dotted eye mask will work wonders for you, use it when you meditate, travel,

sleep in places with too much light, or whenever you need a short break.

moshi moshi mind counting dots mask

Sleep is the best meditation.

Be good to yourself. Sleep tight. 

moshi moshi mind 

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The hard choice

There is something about colours that draws you in. Some colours bring you a new boost,
while others make you feel more relaxed. While the summer holidays are
slowly drawing to a close,and everyday life begins again,
we introduce a small range of styles in the most beautiful red colour palette.
Inspired by chilli, the last sunbeams, hearts, love and last but not least: courage. 

It won’t be easy to choose. Whether it’s the lovely shirt dress with the lean fit or the fine,
soft shirt in the new beautiful colours, that should be added to wardrobe this season.
Either way, the red colour is impossible to miss. We look forward to wrapping ourselves
in red and enjoy what the new shades will bring to our complexion this autumn. 

Find them here.

• • •

the perfect shirt

On your way to the beach or going out tonight? Wear Always Shirt Crisp as
a blouse or top and enjoy how relaxed you feel in something so simple. Sun-kissed skin and
crisp white cotton is the most exquisite combination. 

Find it here!

• • •

the perfect shirt dress

The Kate Dress is one of our favorites. It falls perfectly from the shoulders,
can be unbuttoned, so you can show your beautiful collarbones,
and it moves easily around the hips without giving you extra width.
And  it even has pockets! Now we have given it a summery update that you can mix it
with your jeans, your leggings or just wear it alone as a statement.

Find it here.

• • •

the perfect dress

The wrap effect seems so simple, and has that classic appeal that makes it seem as if
it has been around forever. It is, however, actually the iconic designer Diane von Fürstenberg
who was the first to make it appear on the streets of metropoles everywhere. Its core
idea was to create a figure-hugging flattering dress, that would come easily on and off.
Our version has the same aim, but instead of being part of the 1970s club scene ours is
inspired by the softer sports: Yoga, Pilates and ballet and as always: Our wish to create
uncomplicated designs. The seam has been rounded as a nod to sportswear and the
little slits give a glimpse of sun kissed legs. Note it´s soft fall when you try it on,
and not to forget: How it flatters your body.

Find it here.

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Stine Skjoldborg is one half of the duo behind moshi moshi mind. She is now longingly waiting for
spring to arrive, and the sun to take over. The feeling of spring is visible in Stine's favourites,
which combine the light and the bright with beautiful, elegant and long lines.
Perfect for everyday life, for the hours between workout and for a glass of wine enjoyed in a sunbeam.
If Stine is asked to describe what the spirit of moshi moshi mind is all about, it is never to be too  one-sided. 
Life must be enjoyed, especially the spring – and even better if you do it in these beautiful styles.

Find all styles right here.

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  • March 6, - 2018
  • mind

The scent Wonderful is just that and will surely elevate your everyday life.
Use our lovely soap and body lotion in the morning, and enjoy how it will send
you stress-free out in to your everyday life ready to tend to all the activities of the day.
Self-indulgence, the short moments of self-nurturing,
is what creates the balance in a life of movement.
Wonderful are scents composed with orange, verbena and ylang ylang. 

Find the products in all our shops or right here.

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