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the perfect dress

The wrap effect seems so simple, and has that classic appeal that makes it seem as if
it has been around forever. It is, however, actually the iconic designer Diane von Fürstenberg
who was the first to make it appear on the streets of metropoles everywhere. Its core
idea was to create a figure-hugging flattering dress, that would come easily on and off.
Our version has the same aim, but instead of being part of the 1970s club scene ours is
inspired by the softer sports: Yoga, Pilates and ballet and as always: Our wish to create
uncomplicated designs. The seam has been rounded as a nod to sportswear and the
little slits give a glimpse of sun kissed legs. Note it´s soft fall when you try it on,
and not to forget: How it flatters your body.

Find it here.

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Stine Skjoldborg is one half of the duo behind moshi moshi mind. She is now longingly waiting for
spring to arrive, and the sun to take over. The feeling of spring is visible in Stine's favourites,
which combine the light and the bright with beautiful, elegant and long lines.
Perfect for everyday life, for the hours between workout and for a glass of wine enjoyed in a sunbeam.
If Stine is asked to describe what the spirit of moshi moshi mind is all about, it is never to be too  one-sided. 
Life must be enjoyed, especially the spring – and even better if you do it in these beautiful styles.

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  • March 6, - 2018
  • mind

The scent Wonderful is just that and will surely elevate your everyday life.
Use our lovely soap and body lotion in the morning, and enjoy how it will send
you stress-free out in to your everyday life ready to tend to all the activities of the day.
Self-indulgence, the short moments of self-nurturing,
is what creates the balance in a life of movement.
Wonderful are scents composed with orange, verbena and ylang ylang. 

Find the products in all our shops or right here.

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Time to make

  • February 21, - 2018
  • mind

To many of us, holidays, days off and weekends mean time to give the cooking a little
extra attention – just the kind of care we give each other and ourselves.
The beautiful, soft New Paradise Sweatshirt Terry comes in a deep warm wine red color
that adds the most beautiful glow to the skin; even when you're not standing in a hot kitchen. 

Find it here!  


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  • February 9, - 2018
  • mellow

The weekdays are what we have most of, and from time to time we tend to take them for granted. Sometimes we can´t even wait till they’re over and done with, so we can reach our goal: the weekend, party and the relaxation. At moshi moshi mind, we have decided that every day should be something special, every day and the everyday. That’s actually the idea with which we began moshi moshi mind, for what you surround yourself with in your everyday life, must embrace you. It is not only during the weekends and the parties you need to look after yourself, but every single day.

Buy Rainbow sweatshirt here

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