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NEWS - Flowers

It's always a good idea to get a surprise during the week and that*s why we made a new "limited floral edition" - now available online as well.

The new styles are as following:

Maggie Skirt in Navy Flower & Red Rose

Kate Dress in Navy Flower

mind your news


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It's here...

Yeah, it's here and so is spring!

Robyn Top in coral has landed in all stores and online - lets go spring & summer.

mind your spring

• • •

Windy Copenhagen

Do as Jenny and bring the skirt to work on a windy spring day in Copenhagen.

Jenny wears Dreamy Tee, Striped Awake Skirt and Sunny Shirt in army green in around the waist.

mind your spring

• • •

Set of the Day

Do as Anette and pair your Jamaica Skirt with Sunny Shirt in army green and let the sun shine on you!

mind your spring

• • •

Today we celebrate the all in one!

The easy way of living - use your all in one for training or at work with a skirt, dress og a oversize sweater and you are good to go.

mind your all in one

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