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  • March 6, - 2018
  • mind

The scent Wonderful is just that and will surely elevate your everyday life.
Use our lovely soap and body lotion in the morning, and enjoy how it will send
you stress-free out in to your everyday life ready to tend to all the activities of the day.
Self-indulgence, the short moments of self-nurturing,
is what creates the balance in a life of movement.
Wonderful are scents composed with orange, verbena and ylang ylang. 

Find the products in all our shops or right here.

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Sunday means time to care. Time to care for your loved ones but also time to care for you!

It's so important that you remember to breath and feel. Just feel - you don't have to feel something in particular, the important thing is that you just feel your presence, feel your body and feel how it is just to be.

We have collected items that can increase your ability to feel and be a bit more aware of your senses so that you can reboot and be ready for a new exiting week.


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  • December 31, - 2015
  • mind


Say hello to 2016 with a positive state of mind, a big smile and the strength to be exactly who you want to be!


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Today Sunday and stripes walk hand in hand...

Have a delightful Sunday ♥

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Sundays should be spent in bed...

  • breakfast in bed
  • movies in bed
  • reading in bed
  • lunch in bed
  • a nap in bed
  • dinner in bed
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Sunday Favourites - Yoga

It's hard to get the yoga done throughout the week and this Sunday we suggest that you do some yoga and remember to breath and be in the moment.


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Sunday in September

Sunday is relaxation, cosiness and pure tranquillity.

This is what we would love to spend our Sunday with...

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Favourites for Sunday

Here are our Sunday favourites...

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