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Windy Copenhagen

Do as Jenny and bring the skirt to work on a windy spring day in Copenhagen.

Jenny wears Dreamy Tee, Striped Awake Skirt and Sunny Shirt in army green in around the waist.

mind your spring

• • •

Set of the Day

Do as Anette and pair your Jamaica Skirt with Sunny Shirt in army green and let the sun shine on you!

mind your spring

• • •

Yet again it's Sunday and this Sunday we love rose relaxation.


• • •


  • December 31, - 2015
  • mind


Say hello to 2016 with a positive state of mind, a big smile and the strength to be exactly who you want to be!


• • •

Today Sunday and stripes walk hand in hand...

Have a delightful Sunday ♥

• • •

Sundays should be spent in bed...

  • breakfast in bed
  • movies in bed
  • reading in bed
  • lunch in bed
  • a nap in bed
  • dinner in bed
• • •

Fall is upon us, and, for runners, it can be a very difficult season do to the sudden weather chances – the mornings are cold but the afternoons are not, so what is the right attire for running in the fall, when you live in the North?

Our suggestion is as follow:

For the cold mornings we would wear The One Pants – long, comfy and with a great fit.

Furthermore the Embrace Shirt is perfect for this season do to its long sleeves. The Embrace Shirt also has holes for the thumbs so when freezing at the beginning of your run, use the end of the sleeves as gloves and then unwrap your hands when getting warmer during the run.

Last but no the least wear the most beautiful windbreaker Beat Jacket, to take the worst wind.

Now you are ready for running in the fall…


• • •

Sunday Favourites - Yoga

It's hard to get the yoga done throughout the week and this Sunday we suggest that you do some yoga and remember to breath and be in the moment.


• • •

Cosy Cashmere

To make your cashmere last longer we suggest these easy steps:

When washing your cashmere in your washing machine always remember to use the woollens cycle only. Furthermore only use cold water.

Use washing bags for your cashmere when washing the cashmere in the washing machine.

Do not rub, wring or stretch the cashmere in any way.

Dry flat.

Take care when using jewellery.

Pilling does not indicate inferior quality cashmere – it’s the result of wearing such fine fibre.

Treat your cashmere with a cashmere comb or fabric shaver.


Once you have removed the pilling, the cashmere will increase in softness and become even lovelier and the pilling will decrease over time…

Enjoy the softest wool in the world…

• • •

Sunday in September

Sunday is relaxation, cosiness and pure tranquillity.

This is what we would love to spend our Sunday with...

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