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credit: Robin Skjoldborg og Jenny Egsten-Ericson

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Stripes Stripes Stripes

It doesn't have to be a pain to pack for your vacation. And it doesn’t have to take up a lot of luggage space either.

Today we will inspire you to a striped vaca suitcase that almost doesn't fill up any room...

The smart thing about packing in a mind manor is that your styles are multi functional and therefor can be used in different ways and combinations so that you limit your volume of luggage.

Multi functional items is key to limit your luggage space and for instance Emely Skirt can be worn when cold with tights under and without when the sun is shining.

This does also apply for the Vinnie Dress and when packing the Madrid Jacket you both get a jacket and a shirt in one.


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Nordic Summer

Summer in the North can be tricky.

Therefor we have paired shorts and turtleneck, and we love it. Keep yourself warm with Polly Shirt while bringing the summer feeling with Beam Jersey Shorts.

First then you can fully embrace the Danish summer...


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