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The perfect combination

moshi moshi mind - The perfect combination

We've added two new basic T-shirts to our universe:
the Lulu Tanktop and Lara T-shirt in 70% cotton and 30% hear. The hear quality has the ability to cool you off in the heat, and heat you in the cold. Furthermore it can absorb og release moisture faster than any other textile and have antiseptic properties.
Our hear quality are produced as gently and with as little processing as possible. This result in a visible structure, when combined with the cotton.

We love it and the look.


moshi moshi mind - The perfect combination


Flax planten - the plant that hear is produced from - is durable and hardy. It consumes very little water and fertilising during it's growth – so even when grown conventionally, hear has a very little environmental footprint.

lara linen tee

lara linen tee

lara linen tee
lulu linen tanktop

lulu linen tanktop

lulu linen tanktop

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