we collect shapes, fabrics and stories for you to keep forever

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Our FOREVER collection is  always  available and never on sale.
We believe that each product must be independent of trends and seasons. We do not want to create something that will be irrelevant by the end of next month, but something that can be a faithful follower for many years.
The Forever collection is designed to give women a way to treat themselves with softness and well-being, in a world that asks for a lot.

 We believe in our designs. 

At moshi moshi mind we believe passionately in what we do: first and foremost to create durable designs that can be used all day - from  soft sports  for work, leisure and dinners outside.
Each piece of clothing is made to fit perfectly with the rest of your wardrobe - to create an uncomplicated look every day.
We spend a lot of time creating high quality that both remain relevant and make women feel comfortable.

We always make an effort and always strive to work with the best possible qualities to create our effortless, feminine, soft, and uncomfortable look. We constantly strive to develop, optimize and improve our quality portfolio so that our materials are as environmentally friendly as possible - without compromising on durability, function, and durability - so we ensure that our customers get products that can live a long time in the wardrobe.