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A pair of pants plays an important factor in a well-functioning wardrobe. Create a comfortable and sophisticated look with a pair of our trousers. We have a large selection of trousers with wide legs, in velour, with floral print, with stripes, with ribbed hem, with a high waist, with slit, and with dots. 

Pants can be styled with anything, almost anything, and can be worn across all seasons and trends. Style a pair of pants under a dress on cold days and look a raw edge. Pants can be styled with a shirt, a  knit or a t-shirt. There are countless possibilities.

At moshi moshi mind, we always strive to work with the best possible qualities to create an effortless, feminine, soft, and comfortable look. Our selection of trousers includes qualities such as organic cotton, wool, cashmere, Tencel ™ lyocell, and modal. We try to develop, optimize and improve our quality portfolio so that our materials are as gentle on the environment as possible - without compromising on durability, function, and durability - so we ensure that our customers get products that can live a long time in the wardrobe.