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yoga mat black

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yoga mat black


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Yoga mat in a really good quality that ensures you comfort during your exercises as well as providing quality for your workout. Is also suitable for pilates, gym, fitness and many other types of training that involve floor exercises. Comes with the most beautiful dotted fabric bag with a hank, so you can wear it with you everywhere.

Before use: Wash your yoga mat with a drop of detergent on a damp cloth. We highly recommend that you will use our yoga towel on top of your yoga mat.

- PER (Polymer Environmental Resin)
- 175 cm x 61 cm
- Wash and care: Wash your yoga mat with a drop of detergent on a damp cloth
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One Size (OS) størrelsen for alle…
Mange af vores styles er one size, også beskrevet OS, da vi tror på, at det er følelsen af tøjet, der er det vigtigste for dig, og ikke den størrelse tøjet har. Så husk, at det er underordnet, hvilken størrelse du er. Det væsentlige er om tøjet føles godt – du er god nok som du er…

NB. størrelsesguiden er vejledende…

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