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Be proud to wear it and wear it with pride

New in cashmere

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    Sleep is like an “offline” boost for our body and brain and essential for our well-being as it strengthens our immune system.

    In life, we need both light and darkness, but while sleeping even the slightest light

    can affect our sleep in a negative way. 

    While we are sleeping, the body's tissues are rebuilt, the immune system strengthened,

    the brain is cleansed, stress hormones disappear, our appetite is regulated and the brain

    releases melatonin. 

    With all this in mind, it is easy to understand that deep, un-disturbed sleep is an essential

    part of our lives.

    Our dotted eye mask will work wonders for you, use it when you meditate, travel,

    sleep in places with too much light, or whenever you need a short break.

    moshi moshi mind counting dots mask

    Sleep is the best meditation.

    Be good to yourself. Sleep tight. 

    moshi moshi mind 

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